Document Translation

Document Translation In Leeds


We offer certified translations required for legal documents.

British Certificate Translation

Birth certificate translation is required for many reasons such as a change in name on a passport, getting married abroad, or applying for a UK driving licence, housing etc. our linguist are certified experts in translation and are experienced in providing all of the elements that are required (such as signature, seal and stamp references) in order for your translation to be accepted.

Passport ID Card Translation

we can translate your passport and passport ID Card. A passport is a universal form of identification accepted in most countries worldwide.


We also translate any immigration documents and also provide face to face interpreting for immigration matters if required.

Registration Document Translation

Your registration documents can be translated in order to help you understand your registration rights and needs in up to 30 different languages.

Driving Licence Translation

Translation7 Performs the translation of your governmental issued current drivers licence. English data for your native drivers licence is numbered, with its foreign language translation adjacent to it; for ease of comprehension. Your international translation of Driver’s Licence MUST be accompanied at all times by your original valid driver’s licence.

Bank Statement Translation

Translating your bank statements for you easily is something Translation7 prides ourselves on; helping you to understand your financial matters in a language you understand.

Insurance Certificate Translation

Our translation services include translating your insurance certificates so you know exactly what you are covered for in any of our 30 languages.

Birth or Death Certificate

We will translate your birth or death certificate in to any of our 30 languages. A birth certificate is an important official form of ID particularly in the UK.

Wedding Certificate Translation – No Impediment to Marry Translation – Divorce Decree Translation

Have you been married abroad and need your wedding certificate translated to change your name on your passport, your bank account or your driving licence? Are you applying for a visa and need your wedding certificate translated for the Home Office? Perhaps you need a translation of your wedding certificate for divorce purposes? Maybe you need your No Impediment to Marry translating for you? Translation7 can do all of these translations for you! We will provide you with a certified translation of your wedding certificate, depending on your requirements. Our translations are accepted by the Passport Office, the DVLA, banks, courts, embassies and other authorities in the UK and abroad.

Police Criminal Record Translation

A police record contains information on the criminal history of an individual. The style and content of police records change from one country to another. In some countries criminal records include only convictions while other countries they contain arrests and charges.

Legal Contract Translation

A legal translation simply cannot contain mistakes: it must be exact and true to the original. We treat legal translations with the seriousness and attention they deserve, like all of our projects. We work with specialized legal translators in order to guarantee absolute precision when translating your legal contracts.

Diploma Certificate Translation

Translation7 Offers you a high quality academic certificates translation service. Our linguists are used for your certified translations have experience of translating academic certificates, transcripts and diplomas to a very high standard. For many students who wish to study abroad, a certified diploma and transcript translation is an essential part of being accepted by a foreign university. We can translate your diplomas, BA/MA/PhD Degree Certificates as well as any other academic qualifications.

Scripts Translations

Scripts can present special challenges for translators as they are intended to be read aloud, their style and format must take them easy to read and easy to understand when heard. They often come with recorded visual images, so sometimes there may be severe restraints on the length and structure of sentences. Translation7 can execute script translations for films, videos, CD-ROMs, commercials and documentaries.We can also translate scripts for live presentations if required. Just let us know what you need!