Terms & conditions



  1. In the absence of any specific agreement, the fee to be charged shall be determined by Translation7 Ltd on the basis of the client’s description of the source document (text, material), purpose of the translation and any instructions given by the client.
  2. A final quotation will not be given by Translation7 Ltd until Translation7 has seen all source document and have received final instructions from the client.
  3.  All orders will be deemed accepted following receipt of source document together with confirmation in writing from the client, sent via email or post to Translation7 Ltd. No contract shall arise until such confirmation is given by the client and received and accepted by Translation7 Ltd. Each order, when accepted, constitutes separate contract.



  1. The client will try to ensure that he/she provides the company with full and accurate information regarding the services required ( e.g : Purpose, time, place etc…). Translation7 Ltd will not accept responsibility for not meeting the specific requirements of bureaucratic agencies if not informed of said requirements at the time of ordering the company’s services.
  2. The client should ensure to allow surplus time for all documentation to be processed for their requirements as Translation7 Ltd can not be held responsible for delays in bureaucratic procedures or eventual delays whilst depending on the responsiveness services of third party authorities.
  3. Translation7 Ltd will not be held responsible for delays in supplying services if said delays occur as a result of depending on the services of the third parties. The client should ensure that he/she allows good time for eventual delays that may occur in the processing of documents that involve the services of third parties.


  1. Translation7 Ltd shall correct the following errors free of charge: mistranslation, omissions, typo, grammatical mistake or non adherence to any approved glossary or reference.
  2. The client agrees that translation7 Ltd shall have no liability or obligation regarding errors in translations unless Translation7 Ltd received notification of error(s) within 7 working days following delivery of the translated document to the client.
  3. Translation7 Ltd sole obligation with respect to errors shall be the obligation to correct the translated document at no cost to the client.


  1. Any original documents or information provided by the client as confidential, and any translated material. Shall be treated as confidential by Translation7 Ltd.
  2. Translation7 shall not disclose such information to any person other than authorised person ( employees, sub-contractors of Translation7 Ltd )
  3. The confidentiality of client’s documents shall not apply to any document, data or other information that are public knowledge at the time they are provided by either party, and shall cease to apply if it becomes a matter of public knowledge other than by disclosure by Translation7.
  4. Translation7 shall be responsible for the safe keeping of the client’s documents and copies of the translations during the performance of the task and during a period of one year ( 12 months) from the date of delivery, after which Translation7 shall ensure their secure disposal. Should the client require any documents to be destroyed , this should be requested in writing.



  1. If a translation task is commissioned and subsequently cancelled, reduced in scope or frustrated by an act or omission on the part of the client or any third party the client shall, except in the circumstances described in provision 4.3 bellow, pay translation7 the full contract sum.
  2.  If a client goes into liquidation ( other than voluntary liquidation ) or has receiver appointed or becomes insolvent, bankrupt or enters into any arrangement with creditors, Translation7 shall have the right to terminate a contract.
  3. Neither Translation7 nor the client shall be liable to the other or any third party for consequences which are the result of circumstances wholly beyond the control of either party.
  4. Transltion7 Ltd shall notify the Client as soon as is reasonably practical of any circumstances likely to prejudice Translation7 Ltd ability to comply with the terms of the client’s order, and assist the client as far as reasonably practical to identify an alternative solution.


  1. Client should make the payment by return of receipt of invoice issued by Translation7 Ltd, or as specified on any quotation or estimate provided by Translation7 Ltd.
  2. Translation7 Ltd reserve the right to request payment in advance and may carry out credit checks or request references at a Translation7 Ltd discretion.